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Expand your impact

and finally be heard and seen!

You are a powerful woman, an intra- or entrepreneur and you do your best to deliver your work perfectly, to attract projects or customers, you do everything you can to satisfy everyone..., and yet sometimes you wonder why you miss out on that promotion or why you don't get paid your worth. You wonder if you are doing enough and why you are not moving on. Sometimes it feels like you are just messing around and you don't know how to change that.

There is a much more efficient way to be successful, to get more return of your efforts, to be visible, and to get the results you want and most of all deserve. 

What impact would that have on your career, your business, and your life?

The REGAIN YOUR POWER method helps you to create more IMPACT. te maken.

I will guide you in 5 steps to more possibilities, more opportunities, more fulfillment, more confidence, more direction, more fun, more life, ...

Create Your VISION

Without a vision, we run after our tail like a dog. Without a vision, you can not be that powerful leader. You will not get to your destination and feel lost.

You know what you don't want and you struggle to determine exactly what you want. You also have the feeling that you are not where you should be in life. What would it mean for you to finally achieve the results you desire and deserve?

Discover your true IDENTITY

Who are you and what do you tolerate that makes you feel like you are not successful? 

It is important to understand that the labels we are given do not shape our identity. Who we 'really' are is hidden under a layer of doubts and external influences. When we discover what our pure and powerful qualities are, we can make the change necessary to achieve our goals.

The GLADIATOR MINDSET that makes the difference

Igniting the growth mindset is important to break restrictive thought patterns. You will come to realize what your true value is. And then a world of opportunities and possibilities opens up.

Become aware of what exactly is keeping you from achieving the dreams that are hidden inside you. Understanding the negative selftalk and turning that into a positive selftalk is key to success. 


A lot has been said about success strategies and which will help you to be successful. This mass of information can be overwhelming which makes you procrastinate even more. Decide for yourself which elements work for you and implement them in your life.

You determine which strategy works for you, without outside influence. By creating your unique formula for success, you will make the change needed to achieve your results. Then you can seize opportunities that you have not seen before.

JUMP into your brilliant future

Life is a gift and the world is for you. You will make an impact by taking effective steps and put yourself out there. An action plan helps you on your way and ensures that you do not lose sight of the goal.

The world needs your talent. There are people waiting for you. Find the motivation that helps you go for it and jump into your brilliant future. Take a risk and surrender to what the infinite possibilities have in store for you. Then you will start to see the magic.

What do you dream of...

Growing to your next level

You feel that you are not moving forward and that you are at a standstill. You want to get more out of your life, your career or your business. You are ready for more.

More opportunities and possibilities

You no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel and want to see more possibilities again.

Shape your dreams

More clarity and conviction to shape your dreams and turn your vision into a clear actionplan.

Know your saboteurs

Becoming aware of your negative self-talk and how it sabotages you. Understanding what is sabotaging you and how to transform it.

Hi, I am Yasmina

I am probably the biggest cheerleader you have ever met.

It is my mission to positively influence lives and facilitate the creation of brilliant futures by offering relatable guidance. As a highly regarded empowerment-coach and transformational trainer working with business owners, female entrepreneurs and female professionals, I give people the strength to stand up and become more visible!

Altough I strongly focus on women and teenagers, all people who want to improve their lives, careers, or businesses are welcome! I strongly believe that the world needs women to step into their greatness embrace their value and put it into the world.

I am a master in thinking out-of-the-box and help others to stretch their box in order to capture more: more possibilities, more opportunities, more results, more fun, more....

Do you have questions?

Send me a message and I will respond within 24 hours.

Pottenbrug 3 b 212, Antwerp, 2000, Belgium

+32 476 97 99 19

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