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About Me

My mission is to positively impact lives and facilitate the creation of brilliant futures by providing specific guidance. As a highly regarded empowerment coach and transformational trainer working with business executives, female entrepreneurs, and world-class professionals, I empower people to stand up and become visible!

Although I have a strong focus on women and teenagers, all people who want to improve their lives and careers are welcome! I strongly believe that the world needs women to step into their greatness, embrace their value and put it out there into the world.

I also strongly believe that there is an incredible potential hidden deep within all of us, regardless of your life circumstances or background. At the same time, I believe that anyone can create and build a life, a career or a business from passion, purpose and fun.

People all over the world, understanding that their impact in the world can be greater, hire me so they can find their inner voice, improve their self-esteem and manifest more money so they can do more good in the world.

23 years ago I accidentally became the first woman to sell forklifts in the port of Antwerp. I understand what it is like to feel unheard, unseen and undervalued.

For most of my career I have been active in a male-dominated world. It has taken me a while to overcome my fears and limiting beliefs and step into my own greatness. It has taken some time to activate and unleash my inner gladiator. But once I found my voice, I unlocked the unlimited potential within me and unlocked infinite possibilities.

I understand now more than ever that my voice and my worth are needed in this world. May I bring light where there is darkness, hope where there is despair and energy where it is most needed. I bring positive empowerment so that people move forward and experience great things in their lives and careers.

As a master of thinking outside the box, I'll show you how to stretch your box to capture more: more impact, more satisfaction, more fun, more possibilities, more opportunities, more greatness, more value, more life, more freedom, more you...

It is time for you to stand up and claim your bright future, present yourself in a way that inspires and motivates others, and reclaim your power! The world needs you to step into your greatness, embrace your worth, position yourself as an expert in your domain, and live the life you desire and deserve.

There is no better time than NOW to unleash your inner power and unlock the endless possibilities that await you.

Let’s do this! I've got your back, your front and your sides along your journey!